Conditions of Use

By placing an order you agree that you are at least 18 years of age and accept all responsibility and liability for the use and/or misuse by you or anyone else of the products sold by Spudtech LLC. You also agree to release Spudtech LLC, it's owners, employees, suppliers, manufactures, friends, relatives, and everyone else in the universe from liability and responsibility.

Spud gunning is a "at your own risk" hobby. SPUD GUNS ARE NOT TOYS. Use and/or misuse may lead to injury or death.
Accidents are very rare as most people follow generally accepted safe practices through proper solvent welding, conservative fuel usage, and using only potatoes for projectiles.

You also agree that the use of plastic water pipe and fittings (PVC, ABS, or any other) for spud guns is one of the MOST WRONG things you can do with them.

Most parts orders will be shipped within 1 to 3 weeks...depending on how many orders are being processed and how many orders are priority.

Some items like fully assembled launchers, Supah-Valves and rifled pipe may take longer depending on inventory levels and how many orders are in line.

Priority handling is availble during checkout for an aditional %35. priority handling moves your order ahead of the non priority orders.

The information and products provided are for educational and entertainment purposes only and are to be used at your own risk.

Using 'high power' fuels such as acetylene and/or nitrous oxide or pure oxygen as oxidizers is highly discouraged, especially in plastic spud guns. Low environmental temperatures also makes plastic pipe far more brittle, so accidents happen more frequently in colder air.

The federal government doesn't classify launchers as firearms but your local government may have restrictions. You are responsible to check your local laws to determine if launchers are illegal for you.

No resale of any merchandise is authorized without express written permission of Spudtech LLC.

Products may vary from images as designs and suppliers change.

If you pay by check, and it bounces...We will charge $20 for the returned check and we reserve the right to post your personal information (name, address, and phone number) on the home page of the site.

All sales are final!!! No warranty is expressed or implied. We may, at our discretion, repair or replace an item that is not working properly due to an error on our part. If you have a problem with or question about any merchandise purchased from the SGTC, please contact us. You are responsible for the shipping cost both ways.

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