Push Button BBQ Ignitor Kit

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Push Button Ignition Kit


  • Igniter with wires attached and secured with heat shrink tube and electrical tape
  • Mounting bracket and screws so you can mount the igniter to the side of your spudgun
  • A pair of stainless steel screws for use as a spark gap

Optional Dual Ignition Kit - Adds two more screws and 1ft heat shrink tubing to keep the wires together.

Dual ignition helps improve reliability and performance. On larger chambers the air fuel mix may not be the same at both ends of the chamber so dual ignition can help improve the chances of ignition.

Here is the typical way dual ignition is wired in series:

  • [Spark Source(igniter) Wire 1] connects to [Spark Gap 1 Screw A]
  • [Spark Gap 1 Screw B] using a wire connects to [Spark Gap 2 Screw A]
  • [Spark Gap B Screw 2] connects to [Spark Source(igniter) Wire 2]
The spark travels in a loop. From the igniter across the first gap, then to the second gap, and then back to the igniter.

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