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9v Battery Clip


Price: $3.00

Weight: 0.1lbs

9 volt battery clip. Use three of theese and a push button switch to activate a sprinkler valve with a 9v battery.
0-160 psi Pressure Gauge.


Price: $14.99

Weight: 0.0438lbs

Not much to say here. 1/8" npt, 0-160 PSI pressure gauge lets you know how much pressure is in your air chamber. A must if you are going for ... more info

Price: $1.00

Weight: 0lbs

*** ADJUSTMENT/REPAIR ITEM *** DO NOT ORDER THIS ITEM UNLESS YOU HAVE BEEN TOLD TO DO SO. This is a product that is used as a place holder for order ... more info
High Flow Lever Valve


Price: $9.99

Weight: 1lbs

This high flow lever valve is great for triggering modified sprinkler valves or supah valves. It can also be used as a chamber fill valve. 1/4in NPT ... more info
Mini Pneumatic Push Button Valve


Price: $9.99

Weight: 0.02lbs

This is a low profile mini push button pneumatic valve. Commonly used on a modified sprinkler valve(see the sprinkler valve product for a picture of ... more info
2 1/2 Inch PVC Cap Slip


Price: $5.99

Weight: 0.39lbs

2 1/2 in PVC Cap Slip
125PSI Fixed CO2 Regulator With Quick Connect

Alows a pneumatic launcher to be used in a remote location where an air compressor is not available. Attaches to a CO2 cylinder and reduces the ... more info
2 1/2 Inch x 1 Inch PVC Reducer Bushing Spg x Slip

2 1/2 Inch x 1 Inch PVC Reducer Bushing Spg x Slip *Note:SPG fittings are the same size as pipe and need a coupler to connect to a pipe of the same ... more info

Price: $34.28

Weight: 3lbs

This CLEAR 2.5in barrel is great for launching tennis balls. (Picture comming soon) The optional adapters come attached to the barrels.

Price: $31.17

Weight: 2.01lbs

Commonly used for a combustion or pressure chamber or T-shirt barrel. ~2.864 Inch Inside Diameter Max. W.P. 190 PSI@ 73.4°F *Pipe is cut to within ... more info
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