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PVC pipe and fittings are not approved by the manufacturer to be used for constructing spudguns.

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What is a Spudgun?

So you want to know just what the heck is a spudgun....

Well you have come to the right place. Spudguns, first of all, are also known by many other names; perhaps you have heard of some of them:

  • Spudgun (duh!)
  • Potato Gun (almost duh)
  • Potato Cannon
  • Spudzooka
  • Spudchucker
  • Potato Launcher
  • Potato Entertainment Device
  • Novelty Potato Instrument
  • Starch Resource Deployment Facilitator (has engineering comic root)

So with all these names, how is one to decide how to go about addressing this subject now. I used to shy away from the 'gun' connotation, as these days that can carry stigma. So potato launcher or such was 'safe.' Now you could probably find the word spudgun in a modern dictionary (added it to your Word Spellchecker yet?)

A SPUDGUN is a simple device made usually from plastic water pipe, designed to launch/shoot/lob a potato or similar object a long way, farther than you could probably throw it, to distances exceeding 300 yards. This maximum range is highly debatable, but in this context (and the entire site, unless otherwise noted) the projectile will be a run-o-the-mill POTATO, non frozen, no chemical modification, and no densification via foreign objects. To shoot such potato any greater distance would require a 'super potato' given that a potato is inherently a LOUSY projectile, as its density is rather low. High muzzle velocities are easily obtained but they sure slow down in a hurry!

The Spudgun Technology Center is now in its eleventh year on the Internet. Starting out as a small single page University-Server served informational article, it has evolved into the premier spudgun site on the internet! Lots of great information and new stuff arriving all the time. I am working on some very interesting projects....check back often!

For more information about spudguns be sure you check out the rest of this informative site and let me know of any questions that may arise.

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