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PVC pipe and fittings are not approved by the manufacturer to be used for constructing spudguns.

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The SGTC site disclaimer.

As with most other sites with cool and/or dangerous stuff, here we go. I'm not a lawyer, but take heed:

You view and interpret material from this web site SOLELY AT YOUR OWN RISK.

You release ALL ENTITIES IN THE UNIVERSE, save yourself, from liability from any occurrence as a direct or indirect result from material or merchandise viewed, attempted, communicated, purchased, or otherwise interpreted from this web site and/or domain. The communicative material within this site is presented primarily for educational and entertainment purposes only.

It should also be understood that the use of plastic water pipe (PVC, ABS, or any other) for spudguns is one of the MOST WRONG things you can do with the pipe. Accidents are very rare however, as most people follow generally accepted safe practices through proper solvent welding, conservative fuel usage, and using only potatoes for projectiles. Using 'high power' fuels such as acetylene and/or nitrous oxide or pure oxygen as oxidizers is highly discouraged, especially in plastic spudguns. Low environmental temperatures (below freezing) also makes plastic pipe far more brittle, so accidents happen more frequently in colder air.

Hey, have fun, play it safe, and if you have a question about something, ask someone before trying it.

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