Increase accuracy and safety with new rifled barrels!


PVC pipe and fittings are not approved by the manufacturer to be used for constructing spudguns.

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Details for the 1.5" SCH 40 Rifled PVC Pipe

After much development and testing, rifled PVC is now a reality.

Range testing indicates about a 50% increase in accuracy for potatoes, and pipe stands up to continuous 300 psi pretty well. This new barrel modification will send potatoes straighter and perhaps most important of all...safer. I say this as I have had experience with a stray potato every now and then, going where you might have not wanted it to go...(through my shop window).

Rifled PVC pipe:

  • Available in 1 1/2" and 2" SCH 40 and 2" SCH 80 sizes only.
  • Six rifling lands equally spaced around the interior.
  • Design is unidirectional.
  • Pressure tested to 300 psi.
  • Range Proven.
  • Continuous lengths up to 60 inches (five feet) long.
  • Optional precision lathe cut potato knife w/ inside 'squeeze' chamfer on one end. (described below)
  • Available in 3, 4, or 5* foot lengths.
  • Nearly seamless unlimited lengths now possible with new indexed coupling system.
  • Ask how you can make a barrel 20 feet long if you really want!

For ease of sizing and getting a spud to properly load into the barrel, a lathe is used to cut a knife on the end of the pipe. Rifled Pipe is now UNIDIRECTIONAL. It actually works better now, but it only works in ONE direction. An arrow on the barrel indicates which direction the potato should be launched, regardless of how it was loaded. If a knife is desired: For most launchers you want a MUZZLE knife.

A Muzzle Knife, it is turned on the end where you start the potato, ram it the full length of the barrel with a suitable broomstick or such, and then fire the potato towards the knife (against the rifling ledges).

*For oversize package reasons, 5 foot barrels shipped UPS will actually be 4 feet 11 inches long, due to their being anal about their 60 inch limit for regular packages.

You can order this component in the Spudtech Store.


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