Increase accuracy and safety with new rifled barrels!


PVC pipe and fittings are not approved by the manufacturer to be used for constructing spudguns.

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 0-100 psi Pressure Gauge.
 1.5" CLEAR SCH 40 Rifled Pipe - 4 foot
 1.5" SCH 40 Rifled PVC Pipe
 125 psi safety pop-off valve.
 2" SCH 40 Rifled PVC Pipe
 2" SCH 80 Rifled PVC Pipe
 2" SCH 80 Smoothbore Pipe
 2.5" SCH 40 Tennis Ball Barrels
 4" CLEAR SCH 40 PVC Pipe
 6" sch 40 PVC pipe
 BBQ Ignitor
 CO2 Regulator Setup
 Rifled Barrel T-Shirt
 Schrader Valve
 Sprinkler Valves/Systems
 The SGTC Propane Metering Device.
 The SGTC Supah-Valve T-shirt

Details for the 125 psi safety pop-off valve.

Don't let reservoirs get overcharged on ya...

Install an additional line of defense: a 125 psi pop-off valve directly on the reservoir. If SCH40 pipe fittings are used it is rated for higher pressures--but why take a chance? Pumping it up to higher pressures really puts a lot of load on the compressor, too. Compressed gas and plastic pipe are not perfect for each other and this device can make things a little better for everyone. 1/8" NPT threads on the base, either plumb it in with fittings, or thread directly into a pipe/fitting location (where the plastic is twice as thick) by drilling a 11/32" diameter hole.

You can order this component in the Spudtech Store.


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