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PVC pipe and fittings are not approved by the manufacturer to be used for constructing spudguns.

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Details for the The SGTC Mega-Launcher

Finally......After many months of collecting dust in my shop, the "Mega-Launcher" has actually been taken out and tested. And HOLY S**T does it ever pack a whollop!!!!! Using 20 and 24 oz. plastic soda bottles as the primary "ammunition", this thing takes the concept of "obnoxious toy" to a whole new level.

Construction/Operational stats:

  • Twin 6" x 36" sch 40 chambers. (2035 cu. in.)
  • Dual Supah-Valves.
  • 8' long, 3" dia. sch 80 barrel.
  • Ported muzzle break.
  • Breech loadable.
  • 9' 6" overall length.
  • 70 lbs. total weight.
  • Massive recoil!!
  • Primary "ammo" -- 20 and 24 oz. plastic soda bottles.
  • Muzzle velosity -- Forgot to bring my chrono along....sorry.

While the total range with a full 20 oz. soda bottle is not overly impressive, (only about 300 - 400 yards @ 15 deg. of elevation) it is devistatingly powerful at closer ranges.

Mega-Launcher testing videos:

  • Video 1 (from behind the launcher)
  • Video 2 (demonstrates the amount of recoil)
  • Video 3 (you can see the bottle briefly -- note the pieces of label floating in the air)
  • Video 4 (3/4" plywood @ 60 feet)
  • Video 5 (camera mounted to the barrel)
  • Video 6 (from the side of the target)
  • Video 7 (to the side and down range -- very impressive)
  • Video 8 (down range -- note the bottle flying towards the camera)

Check out the pics below. The last several pics are freeze-frame's taken from the video footage.

This product is not available for purchase at this time.


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